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Panel Management Survey Software to Manage Online Panels

Vovici Online Panel Management Survey Software

Use what you already know to improve response rates, boost engagement, and skyrocket loyalty

Vovici Panel Management Surveys - in less than 100 seconds!

Vovici helps companies listen, interpret, and act on customer voice by establishing a pulse on your customers and employees. Vovici’s fully-featured, panel management survey tools allow you to grow, nurture, and survey your online panel with complete control — all without the need for IT support.

  • On-demand answers
    Deep profiles of customer information ‘learn’ over time. Communicate with respondents based on the frequency of interactions and their ‘health.’ Tap into customer thought, perception and loyalty in hours, providing the agility you want, and accelerating the answers you need.

  • Target, don’t spam
    Every customer interaction has the potential to drive loyalty and engagement — up or down. Target and personalize surveys based on past responses and information from your CRM and other systems, so you can respect customers and concentrate on analysis and action. Vovici provides full tracking of unsubscribes to help you maintain CAN-SPAM compliance.

  • Nourish your panel
    Get unprecedented clarity into the health of your respondents. Using our proprietary health scoring, your business can precisely identify issues and replicate healthy performance.

Ready to take your panel to the next step? Vovici offers complete online community capabilities to seamlessly extend forums, blogs, document and multimedia sharing and other social elements to your panel.

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